Local Seo

Localizing your SEO efforts can be extremely rewarding for businesses providing services in local areas as it means they will rank for keywords relating to their target locations. This can prove to be beneficial for all sized businesses, but can give small local businesses that extra foot in the door when it comes to internet marketing.
If your business offers local products or services advertising nationally can be a waste of time and money. Professional SEO companies can use geographical targeting as part of your internet marketing campaign to ensure internet users within your targeted area will find your website and therefore increase its efficiency and increase potential conversion rates.
You can localize your target keywords by including locations within each phrase. For example;
‘Pizza Delivery’ can be localized to ‘Pizza Delivery Reading’
Localizing target keywords within your search engine optimization campaign can really help to increase conversion rates by attracting the most relevant traffic to your website.
Many internet users search for services that are within their area, for example if you are looking for food delivery services you don’t want a company that only delivers around London when you’re based in Manchester. There are many types of industry that are completely dependent upon location, so it is essential for them to include¬†¬† within their SEO Campaigns.

Local SEO isn’t for everyone. If you’re selling products such as CD’s or DVD’s to all over the country where orders can be easily posted to customers addresses, then it will not make too much difference to the customer where you are based.
This type of company wouldn’t gain any additional benefits from localized SEO efforts, but some industries are definitely location specific and this should be researched at the beginning of your SEO project. Localized SEO may not be completely dependent on the type of product or service that you provide; it could also depend on the size of your company. Generally smaller businesses benefit more from localized SEO efforts. If you are a small company (or a large one for that matter) and are unsure how best to apply localized SEO, you may find an SEO training course very beneficial if an external SEO company does not fit your budget. SEO training courses are a great way for learn of the benefits of SEO and how to implement SEO techniques (including localized SEO) for your own website.

Here at Alpha Media our SEO specialists are able to study your industry and target market to discover the best approach that geo targeting may have when included into your online marketing campaign. We can then base our keyword research on our findings to ensure that your target phrases are completely relevant and appropriate to your business, this way it will prove more beneficial in achieving the aims of the SEO Campaign including gaining higher page ranks, driving more traffic to your website and gaining higher conversion rates (both via footfall and online is your site is ecommerce).
Search engines such as Google will soon be bringing a more advanced geo targeting technique where IP addresses will affect search engine results pages. This will mean that the search engines will check your IP and deliver results that are based close to your geographical location; however this is still in the works and has yet to overtake our local SEO services.

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