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High Quality Technical SEO & Link Acquisition
We optimise your whole website & its products & we'll build high quality links with excellent authority from trusted sources that will pass good link equity.

Increase Traffic & Sales
We'll increase relevant traffic that will result in additional sales and revenue for your website.

Improve Conversion Rates
We'll aim to increase your conversion rates by as much possible using tried & tested techniques. We specialise in CRO.

ROI Focus & Results Driven
We're focused on increasing your ROI from the internet & delivering results that matter. The better we do, the longer you'll stay with us.

Monthly Account Reviews
A dedicated account manager will manage your whole SEO campaign from start to finish & will work with you each month to deliver the best possible results.

Online Interactive Reports
Our transparent & advanced online reporting tool will analyse your; rankings, link data, analytics & social media metrics.

First Class Customer Service
We pride ourselves on the levels of customer service that we deliver to our clients, without you, our business wouldn't exist and we really appreciate that.

Proven Track Record
We have some fantastic case studies & references from our clients - we've taken websites from £1m+ to £mulit-million+ T/O in just 10 months.

Take your E-commerce SEO to a higher level of technical expertise with one of our E-Commerce Performance Audits
Complexity - E-commerce SEO is as complex as it gets and we're experts and specialists in this field. This kind of SEO is so different from local or national search engine optimization. The type of e-commerce platform that you use [and there are hundreds out there] whether it's Magneto, ZEN cart Cube cart, Prestashop, Os Commerce or Open Cart, how it's been designed, built and constructed will ultimately determine the level of performance that your website is able to achieve.

Problems - Although these types of software are fast easy to use and cost effective, the problem with 'off the shelf' shopping cart software is that they haven't been built by SEO experts, they've been built by web design experts. From the many platforms we have worked with, we're yet to find one that deals with all of the issues that are absolutely critical and essential for a high performing e-commerce website. The problem is, is that there isn't one solution that 'fits all'. That's why we've built our own ecommerce platform to deal with all the necessary issues and flaws that most if not all shopping cart software platforms have in terms of SEO; Alpha Media E- Commerce – a bespoke e-commerce platform that is 'web responsive' and tailored your business needs.

Experience – with years of experience and knowledge in this sector delivering results, our-commerce SEO methodology has been developed to overcome many of the SEO obstacles faced by many of these platforms that exist. It's simple, we know what works and we know what needs to be done to maximize your websites' performance. Does your existing SEO company talk about or mention any of the following
→ URL, Directory, Category & Product Structural Design
→ URL Parameters
→ Link Equity Distribution
→ Duplication of Pages
→ Pagination Issues
→ Canonicalization
→ Shopping Cart Process Optimization

Solution – Think of our methodology as a very long and complex list of things that we need to do to get your website performing to the best of its ability. Understanding and knowing about these issues in the first place is what's extremely difficult and we already do'; it's what we've been trialing and testing for years and we know it works.

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