Twitter Management

What do our Twitter management clients receive?
→ Account Design & Setup
→ Fully Sustained Twitter Presence
→ Content Creation Services
→ On-going Profile Development Strategy
→ Professional Support

Managing Your Twitter Account
Unlock the true potential of Twitter with the bespoke management packages from Alpha media.
Twitter, a micro-blogging site launched in 2006, has fast become one of the most revolutionary social networks of our generation. Users are able to send short, concise snippets of their daily life to thousands (and often millions) of Followers all at once.
Thousands of businesses have tapped in to the opportunities of Twitter and capitalised on the concept, but success within this platform is difficult to achieve (and by no means guaranteed).
Designing, testing, maintaining and improving your company's Twitter account is a full-time occupation. The appeal of the popular social networking site lies in its live news feed, which allows users to distribute content in real-time, ensuring that the right information is shared quickly to those within their list of Followers. Businesses can post links to the latest company news, get conversations flowing by taking advantage of the popular #hashtag system, and even allow Followers to access exclusive competitions

When it comes to Twitter management, Alpha media has an exceptional track record for measurable success.
→ Many companies are concerned that Twitter management offers no real return on investment apart from free publicity. We'll be able to prove to you that a Twitter profile is crucial to your brand's reputation on the web
→ Alpha media will compile regular progress reports and talk with you at great length about your account's latest developments
→ We'll communicate with you openly and transparently about all aspects of your Twitter management and ensure that you have the opportunity to control your account at all times

Manage Your Twitter Account
Keeping on top of the latest Tweeting trends and establishing a strong online identity can be difficult if your company doesn't possess extensive in-house marketing resources or previous experience of Twitter management.
Users expect regular updates from your account, will be anticipating strong responses to their questions and feedback, and will become disinterested if you aren't showing them the attention they deserve.
Manage your Twitter account cost-effectively with our help. For some expert guidance and advice from the country's leading Twitter management professionals, call our office-based sales team today on 0800 088 6000. If you also run accounts with other leading social sites such as Facebook or Foursquare, you may wish to combine our Twitter management packages with our ever-increasing range of social media monitoring options

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