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Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have become a social hubs on the internet with millions of visitors each day. More and more people are hanging around the internet's water cooler. You need to be where they are. Social marketing now impacts your business in two critical ways.

Engage with Customers
First, it enables you to engage with your current and potential customers better than ever. A Facebook presence that is active and interesting is a great way to engage with those interested with your products or services. It allows you to gain feedback and help others become more invested in what you have to offer. If you give them something of value, they will come back time and again and share your information with their other Facebook friends. Blasting promotions and updates over Twitter is an easy way to distribute information and promos to your social followers. YouTube will host any of your educational or promotional videos for free, giving potential customers a chance to really get to know you and learn from your expertise.

Social Factors Improve Site Rankings
The second way a solid social strategy will help your company is the fact that the more lively the discussion about your company in online social circles, the higher your site will actually rank in Google. Recently Google admitted that they take into account social factors when ranking sites. Links, likes and chatter coming from Twitter and Facebook will actually help Google determine the relevancy and legitimacy of your company and website. It adds a more human like factor into their rankings, as they can see what people are sharing and linking to with their friends- as these sites are more likely to be authentic sites with quality content and practices that deserve to be rated higher

Where are Your Customers Hanging Out?
→ Most popular site on the internet- visits and time on site
→ It's about the connections and conversations
→ Alpha Media builds your following and monitors your brand

Facebook has not only become the most popular social site but the overall most visited site on the internet. Additionally, measuring the time spent on a site Facebook boasts the longest time on site of any on the web.

Alpha Media will design your Facebook presence to reflect your brand, while building a following. Once your business page is being followed by many fans we will help you to engage with your customers and potential customers like never before. Not only will you be able gain valuable feedback from them but be able to promote your seasonal sales and drive visitors to your site and/or location.

→ People use it to get news and industry updates
→ Use as a mega phone to get your message out
→ Alpha Media builds your following and distributes your message

Twitter is a very popular social network, but quite different from Facebook. Where Facebook is a conversation, Twitter is a speaker phone. It's best used as a way to distribute a company message, promotion or new site content. Industry followers and potential customers can easily find out about announcements and campaigns that are run.
Alpha Media will brand your Twitter account and bring your message to the masses. Pushing content from your site and Facebook presence to your online Twitter following. It's an easy and effective way to get heard online.

→ Second most popular 'search engine'
→ People use to be educated and entertained
→ Alpha Media builds your video library and drives traffic to your site
Many people are surprised to find out that YouTube is the internet's second most popular search engine (behind Google). It is owned by Google and drives millions of viewers to company websites each day. If you want your message to be engaging and really pull your potential customers in, then you need a robust and creative YouTube video campaign.

Alpha Media will help you produce and distribute your video content- turning viewers into buyers. People use videos to be entertained and educated and you need to take advantage of the medium to promote your products and services. We will build your video library, distribute your videos to YouTube and then drive this traffic to buy your products or call you on the phone.

Creating a Social Media Strategy
A robust footprint in Facebook and Twitter is now critical to any business, large or small. The first 6 months, Alpha Media creates a professional and useful presence in each. Next, we identify 3 industry specific social sites and creates a similar strategy for each. By expanding your reach within these venues, you will find that your site rankings improve and more importantly, you'll be where your customers are, on social networks, where you can join and be a part of the conversation. Alpha Media aggressively created a social media foundation on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube with the following strategy highlights.

→ Facebook strategy creation
→ Account creation and optimization
→ Business page creation and customization of Facebook presence
→ Build a community, join groups & participate in relevant industry communities
→ Create/launch events
→ 10 Business Page additions per month, pictures & videos, industry updates, coupons, posts/notes, how-to & links
→ Develop company Facebook interaction strategy
→ Training staff on Facebook usage
→ Integrate Facebook content/community with website

→ Twitter strategy creation
→ Account creation, optimization & customization
→ Profile and setting enhancement
→ Actively post 10 tweets per month
→ Build Twitter community
→ Leverage current client base
→ Participate and invite
→ Follow industry relevant individuals
→ Integrate Twitter community with website

→ YouTube strategy creation
→ Account creation, optimization & customization-
→ Profile and setting enhancements
→ Actively post videos each month
→ Integrate YouTube videos with website

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