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Affordable SEO services for your small business
Internet medium is, undoubtedly, a global platform to stay connected and make business; but if you are one of those who think Internet is only meant for international business then we gladly say, you are doing a big mistake.
Okay, instead of approaching some big sales talk, let us represent you some recently researched data, which will help you understand how significance small business SEO could be for your business:

→ 88% of internet visitors (searchers) look for a local business online
→ 69% of Americans go online and find on local search engine for phone numbers of local business
→ 74% of internet users perform searches for local services and products
→ 73% of online activity is related to local content
→ 85% of local searches eventually converts in phone call, an in-store visit or purchase
→ The site ranked at the apex position of search results gets 60% of all clicks (traffic)

So, needless to spend additional effort to understand how important your small business could grow up by expanding its marketing effort to the internet medium.
But, the research has also represented a fact that local businesses which perform small business SEO services spend only 5% of their entire marketing budget and ROI of that money is, in majority of cases, much more than or equivalent to traditional marketing.

Is Small Business SEO all about Local listing?
No, not exactly. Small business SEO is not just listing your business to your regional business directory, maximizing the marketing effort includes many other activities, which include local search engine marketing, where professionals do target geo specific search engine to appear your website on top of that to your target customers.
Still not convinced? Ok, so just drop us a mail with some of your basic details through our Contact Us form and we’ll get right back to you to help you understand

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