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Based on our understanding that each and every business is a unique interpretation of its owner's personal vision, Creative e-Marketing brings you our ultra-focussed and ultra-specialised SEO Consultancy Service, where your passion and enthusiasm for your business meets our passion and enthusiasm for search engine optimisation to form a winning combination.

Working with small start-ups and SMEs, right the way through to blue-chip companies, our SEO Consultancy Service has been created to meet the demands of an SEO environment which, through its ever-evolving nature, is a far more complex, more analytical field than it was when other SEO companies started offering their services - services that remain largely unchanged today. It is this approach, geared towards understanding and anticipating each shift that the search engines instigate, that makes Creative e-Marketing truly unique.

Having gained a level of repute that places us and our services ahead of the game, our SEO Consultancy package presents you with a sustainable SEO strategy that provides you with the edge over your competitors whilst complying fully with Google's stringent webmaster guidelines.

Attainment through Understanding
It is impossible for us to maximise your website's productivity without a strong understanding of your needs. The first task for your dedicated SEO consultant therefore, is to work with you in reviewing your products and services and defining how your current online presence impacts upon the visibility of these products and services, in relation to your target market. This needs to be established in order for us to best know how to impart the knowledge of our experts, along with the techniques that they will employ, upon your website.

Our Experts and Your Experts
A big part of what makes our SEO Consultancy Service tick, is the way in which the key people who make your business function are introduced to the key people who make our business – the business of SEO – function. It is very much this 'microscope' approach that aids us in extracting the level of information that's necessary for the formulation of an SEO strategy that will provide you with a competitive edge and, ultimately, remove your competitors from the top of Google and place you there in their place.

Seo Consultancy - Day One
The first day of your SEO consultation begins with your key personnel meeting with ours, along with the individual that will be assigned to you as your personal SEO consultant. This face-to-face approach serves as the ultimate prerequisite to any future conversations, via email and telephone, as it dispels any of the dismissive convenience that is often born of modernity's sadly impersonal mores.

During this meeting we shall go through a process of determining what your company's level of understanding is, in relation to SEO, and seek to help your team better understand any aspects of the subject that need clarification. We will then go through current marketing strategies that are being implemented by your company, along with the vision that your company has as it looks towards the future.

We will then perform a detailed assessment of your website, drilling down into it with various tools and techniques in order to ascertain what it is that currently drives traffic to your site. This will allow us to analyze how well your existing keywords and key phrases are working for you, and assist us in the process of devising a whole new set of target keywords and key phrases, which will be used in the process of developing an SEO strategy that will best facilitate your website's entry into one of Google's top ten ranking places for those keywords and key phrases.

Seo Consultancy - Day Two
The second day of consultancy starts with what's known as a search engine accessibility check, and the purpose of this is to make sure that your website can be fully accessed by not just Google, but all of the various search engines. There are multiple ways in which the coding of a site can cause disruptions when it comes to being recognized by a search engine, so this check is a must.

Next up is your website navigation check, and this is designed to make sure that the layout of your website gives priority to the products and services you sell, that matter the most. This serves to highlight any problems you have whereby search engines are ranking your least important pages higher than your most important ones, which leads to your most important products and services being overlooked by potential customers.

A link popularity check will be carried out on your site, to establish how many links you have pointing to your site and what quality these links are. This is used to determine whether any existing links could actually be having a negative impact on your site, and also to determine where new links can be established.

It will also be important to carry out an in-depth content review on your existing site, which allows us to check keyword density, keyword-targeting, title tag usage and meta-descriptions, along with the overall quality of the existing content, that is, text, within your site. Finally, a design review is carried out, which is used to find out how easily a visitor to your site can locate the pages that allow them to purchase what it is that you most want to sell them.

In reviewing all of this we can start to develop a clear picture of what has to be implemented in order for your site to successfully challenge for the top rankings in the search engines.

Seo Consultancy - Day Three
Day three involves compiling a competitor analysis report, which will allow you to understand the manner in which your competitors approach SEO. This will allow you to focus on aspects of internet marketing that they have overlooked, and develop your own strategy that targets weaknesses in theirs.

We will then be taking a look at your current approach to social media, and looking into ways in which it can be developed so that your company's future implementation of social media campaigns serves to maximize the outreach of your site, and generate an ongoing increase in traffic volume.

We will also be looking into your blogging situation, and devising a strategy that serves to enhance the appeal of your company, and therefore your products and services, by giving it a voice that speaks to and entices any given demographic that needs to be targeted in order for your growth.

Three Day Seo Workshop Reporting
Finally, at the end of the third and final day of your consultation, you will be presented with a comprehensive report. This report breaks down for you in plain English the various facets of your SEO strategy, along with timeframes, so that you are fully aware of not just what needs doing, but when its impact will start to have its desired effect. It is then, at your discretion, that Creative e-Marketing will start to put the strategy into action, and get your website to where it needs to be.

If you're interested in discussing our SEO Consultancy Service with one of our advisors then we'd love to hear from you. Call today on +91-9999556174 or complete our online enquiry form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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