PPC Account Audit

Pay per Click Analysis / PPC Audit
Our pay per click analysis ( PPC Audit ) service can be best for business with larger PPC campaigns hoping for the independent 3rd party to review their ad campaigns and recommend unique strategies that can maximize CTR (Click-Thru Rates) and traffic for a higher ROI (return on investment) for their budget for advertising.

There are several things we include in our PPC Audit:
→ Conversion rate and ROI of each campaign
→ Structure of campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords.
→ Allocation of marketing budget throughout accounts and sufficiency
→ Geo-targeting and language options
→ Conversion tracking setup
→ Content Display network selection
→ Ads – Running and visibility
→ Ad scheduling, serving options.
→ Campaign atomization and expiration.
→ Negative keywords and Keyword exposure as per positions.
→ Duplication of keywords
→ Landing page relevancy
→ Quality score analysis

Here are some remarkable benefits of PPC Analysis:
1. Increase your CTR by setting up less focused keywords, ad groups, and ad copy
2. Increase qualified visitors by researching and re-working on the current keywords
3. Maximize leads and sales by creating new and captivating ads that can attract your target market

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