Alpha Media Methodology

Over many years of industry experience, weve developed a methodology that applies to all projects regardless of size, length, and type of service. This continuous process, namely our development lifecycle, begins with learning your goals and ends with far exceeding them resulting in the success of your new web site project.
→  Discover
→ Design
→ Develop
→ Deploy
→ Monitor
→ Maintain

The first step is to discover and define the exact needs and goals of your business. Your job is to teach us your vision, and ours is to bring it to life. A few examples of questions which will be addressed during this phase:

Is the site a tool for existing clients or a way of generating new business? Do you sell products and/or services directly through the web or would you prefer to generate leads that you can follow-up for further dialog? Do you require some kind of content management system? What technologies will be necessary to use for your web site?

Most importantly, how do you intend to receive your visitors? You may have the best site in the world but without visitors it is useless. The best method is through Internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Therefore your site must be designed with search engine optimization and good coding style in mind right from the beginning.
The discovery phase clearly states the problem, and contains all of the information needed to design a solution to the problem.

After weve completed the discovery phase and received the clients approval, we come to the design phase. Keeping in mind all your goals and priorities we will begin to design graphic and layout samples.
The sites navigation structure is one of the main focuses here as well for it must be highly optimized and quick and easy for your visitors to browse. Often an alpha site will be created without graphics to see if the sites navigation and ability to deliver content works.
When both our design team and you, the client, are completely satisfied with the proposed "look and feel," we then move forward with development.

In the development phase, the web pages drawn up in the design phase will be created and optimized. Import and conversion of all database information is done at this time. Great attention to detail is given and we and utilize standard conventions for good programming style - site-wide CSS style sheets, web-based content management systems, highly optimized graphics, etc.

Functional beta versions of the site are created and every aspect of it is tested thoroughly before site launch. Clients can watch the progress of their development and participate in testing on our development servers. The final site optimization is always done by hand using a text editor for every site we publish, no matter what application was used to create your site!

The final stage of the sites creation is deployment. Once it is demonstrated that the web site functions as desired and outlined in our agreed upon proposal, it is published on your public Web server for all to see. Launches are pre-planned to ensure minimal interruption to business functions.

Only now after successful deployment should your site be submitted to search engines and directories. Off-page search engine optimization can now be performed along with all other web site marketing strategies.

As a full service I.T. solutions provider, we go beyond the standard 4-Ds development process. Since we frequently provide web hosting and SEO services for our web development projects, we are committed to the ongoing success of your web site, and thus our relationship does not end. Monitoring your site for errors, performance, and visitors statistics play an important role for long-term success.

As your business requirements change, so too will the needs of your site. Successful web sites that generate visitors day after day, year after year must be kept up-to-date with fresh new content. This is why we offer web site maintenance services to all clients, whether or not ALPHA MEDIA initially created your site. In time, your site may become outdated and need a fresh look, and so the process begins anew, and we will be here to help.

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