Multilingual Seo

The truth of the matter is that over 70% of the worldwide online population do not speak English as their first language - that's a lot of people! Getting your brand and corporate image across to these potential online customers (world wide) is not an easy task. Here at SEO Junkies we specialise in generating online business growth for our clients in any part of the world (a global perspecitve) by applying multilingual search engine optimisation proven technqiues. Our SEO Multilingual specialists know the global multi language online marketplace by understanding the different cultures and the nuances of languages.

Search Marketing in any Language
Translating your website is the first thing to consider with multilingual search engine optimisation and we can help you translate your website with the help of our specialist linguistic optimisers. The keywords are the most important factor in any global SEO project so we ensure that your keywords are correctly translated and we will review the list to be appropriate to that country, language and culture. Understanding the culture is key! Once your keywords are translated we can start creating your new, fully optimised content which is specific to your global target location so that you have the very best chance of ranking on page 1 on those local search engine natural listings.

Global Search Engine Optimisation
There is more to Global SEO than just translating a website into other languages, you need to be able to locally optimise the website to each country that you are targetting from a cultural perspective. In the same way that we target for local rankings in Britain, we need to localise your search engine optimisation campaign with similar techniques to improve your ranking results in other areas internationally. Search engine's spiders like Google don't have different requirements for websites in different locations, but you may be looking to target other search engines, and many countries to attain high SEO rankings in several multilingual places rather than just one area, SEO Junkies can help you to acheive these results with our proven optimisation techniques.
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