Mobile Advertisement

→ Only Two companies "above the fold"
→ Ads beat out SEO
→ The most valuable clicks use the top links
→ 5-10 times the conversion

Connect with your customers on mobile and tablets
Reach targeted audiences across different platforms and devices with Google Mobile Ads
Google Mobile Ads appear on mobile devices in Google search results, on content websites and in apps. Use them to put your business in front of people as they use their phones and tablets throughout the day.

WHAT Alpha Media Offers
It's our duty to prepare the most efficient AdWords Mobile campaign for you, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.
Let's talk and figure out a marketing plan that suites your specific needs.
But before we do, is your website "mobile friendly"?
If it isn't "mobile friendly", we recommend that you let us know so we can work on building one for you.
We deliver our Adwords Mobile Campaigns within 24 hours because we know how important it is for you to generate contacts.

Benefits of Mobile Ads
(A) Improve your performance. Get more new customers, leads or conversions and reach more mobile users. Whether you're focused on online conversions or offline sales, Google Mobile Ads can help you achieve your goals by connecting you with customers while they're on the go.

→ Increase your sales and leads with Click-to-call, a clickable phone number right in your mobile ad which makes it as easy as possible for customers to connect directly to your business.
→ Increase offline sales with location-based ads that target customers who are looking for local businesses and show them relevant info like your business' phone number and address.
→ Increase downloads of your apps with click-to-download ad formats.
→ Connect more customers with what they want by using Sitelinks to help people get straight to a specific page on your mobile site.

(B) Build your brand. Make an impact with engaging, interactive, rich-media display ads on mobile
Google Mobile Ads are so great for branding because they let you produce rich-media ads and take full advantage of all the capabilities of high-end mobile devices and tablets.

→ Reach more mobile users with the industry-leading coverage offered by the AdMob network and Google Display Network.
→ Top mobile sites and apps include the most popular, brand-safe content on mobile.
→ Target users by demographic, interest and behavior, what device they have, which network they're on and with keywords. You can also target users who've visited your website before.
Contact your Google sales representative to get started with mobile branding solutions.

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