Facebook PPC

Why choose to advertise with Facebook PPC?
→ Over 800 Million Users
→ 70 Languages Available
→ 50% Of Users Login Every Day
→ Highly Effective Ad Targeting
→ Compliments Paid Search Engine Marketing

Facebook PPC Advertising
As the socially savvy alternative to the Google Adwords Pay Per Click model, Facebook PPC is really coming into its own.
No-one can deny the unrivalled success of the social networking platform. In just a few short years, Facebook has grown from a small-scale college project into one of the most recognised (and culturally valuable) websites on the planet.
The reach of the site is unprecedented, with hundreds of million users logging onto the site on a regular basis, which is why businesses have been quick to take advantage of the site's many marketing tools, including its PPC platform. Facebook PPC is fast becoming the advertising channel of choice for businesses determined to connect with this gigantic consumer base before their core competitors come around to its benefits.
One of the most common questions put to our Facebook PPC specialists is this: what does my business gain from advertising on the network? Here are several reasons to invest in paid Facebook ads.
→ You'll generate a greater exposure to younger audiences
→ Facebook PPC is a fantastic opportunity to develop brand awareness in relevant communities
→ You can build a solid connection with highly targeted demographics
→ You'll drive more traffic to your website
→ You can follow consumer trends and opinion and adjust your campaign according to user interaction

Facebook Pay Per Click Strategies
Facebook PPC is a highly effective way of ensuring that your message is delivered to the right people.
Once ads have been created, marketing managers can choose to target audiences by their age, gender, known interests, geographical location, relationship status and even their place of work.
The team at Alpha Media understands Facebook's principles better than any other paid search professionals.
Keen to consult the opinions of our entire team of online marketing specialists, we'll bring your project to the attention of both our internal social media marketers and our Pay Per Click managers to bring you a sophisticated, successful Facebook PPC campaign that will maximise your exposure on the network and attract new consumers from every corner of the network.

Budget management is an essential part of our service, as is monitoring your campaign's performance and reporting back to you with our progress as regularly as possible. We're famed for our transparent, consultative approach towards campaign management and will guide you through every single phase of your Facebook PPC venture. If you'd like us to talk to you in more detail about our approach to Facebook PPC or learn more about the advertising opportunities Facebook has to offer, don't hesitate to call our sales team for advice. We can't wait to hear your thoughts.

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