Display Advertisement

→ Targets Relevant Audiences
→ Exposes Your Business
→ Boosts Brand Recognition
→ Increases Direct Visits
→ Measurable Results

What is Display?
Display ads are effective in capturing your customers' attention with visually dynamic content that uses a wide creative canvas. In the world of display advertising, display ads include non-text ads that use images, Flash, video and other technologies and appear alongside website publisher content. Display ads are an effective media choice across a large variety of goals from Branding to Direct Response.
Display advertising can reach consumers at every stage of the purchase funnel. By not implementing display ads, as an advertiser you can run the risk of losing potentially interested consumers who might need a little more influence to make a purchase decision.

The value of display advertising
Users are increasingly interacting with content and looking for brands online. As a result, marketers and agencies need to follow users to effectively engage audiences - whether to encourage them to take a specific action or to make an emotional connection with your brand. Display can be used for campaign goals throughout the purchase funnel: from creating awareness, blasting your brand message, to owning a specific brand territory or driving traffic, sales or leads.

The value of Display comes in the consumers you are reaching. To reach consumers who are actively searching on words related to your business, use Google Search advertising to place ads next to search results pages. However, to extend your campaign to also reach high potential customers who are not yet actively searching on your brand or products, but who are engaging with online content specifically related to your area of business, use the Google Display Network. Google's technology will place your Display ads against this specific type of content across thousands of sites. Additionally, capture a variety of different audiences by targeting ads to YouTube through the Google Display Network or through reservation buys.

Display ads across the web also help drive engagement on Search; after being exposed to a Display ad, research has shown that consumers are significantly more likely to click on sponsored link. However, currently very few marketers coordinate Display buys with Search marketing. The opportunity to fully harness the potential in display remains large. For example, marketers still concentrate spend heavily on a small number of sites - however, a disproportionately small number of page views actually take place on these sites. This demonstrates there's a severe disconnect between where Internet users are spending their time, and where marketers are spending their dollars trying to reach them. Google's tools and products aim to make it as easy as possible for you to harness the potential of the display space.

Ad Formats
The following display ad types are eligible to show on the Google Display Network:

1.Text Ads: These are the most basic type of AdWords ads. They can be created directly in your AdWords account, and are often referred to as "sponsored links."

2.Image Ads: AdWords image ads are graphical ads that can be static (motionless) or animated. You can create and upload your own image ads, or use the AdWords Display Ad Builder to create one. Image ads can also be served by any certified third party ad server. Learn more about the Display Ad Builder.

3.Video Ads: Online video is one of the largest areas of media consumption, with an audience of hundreds of millions who are open and accustomed to advertising in video content. Google AdWords allows you to reach and engage this audience with video placements and ads, which can be uploaded directly into the AdWords interface or served by a certified third party ad server. Learn more about Video Ads.

4.Rich Media Ads: Rich media ads allow you to more actively engage a web user than standard text or display formats. Rich media ads include video ads, Flash animated ads, and ads that mix text and animated content and designs. You can easily create these types of ads using the AdWords Display Ad Builder, or you can use existing rich media assets served through a third party ad server. Learn more about Rich Media Ads.

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