Article Submission Service

Article submissions have the potential to be an incredibly important part of a link building campaign, because not only do they generate a number of high quality and authoritative links, but they also use content that displays industry knowledge. If you choose to publish articles on relevant, high quality and authoritative sites within your niche, then you can potentially develop a new stream of traffic coming into your site.

Alpha Media have a team of dedicated internal copywriters that produce high quality, compelling and original articles that are then published and specially selected destinations by our strategists. These locations ensure they will be read by a relevant audience who are actively interested in the product or services that your business offers, therefore attract new visitors to your website as well improving the sites authority to the search engines. The articles written by our team of copywriters are also written to perform well in the search engines as they will have targeted keywords naturally dispersed throughout, and this also improves the quality of the links that are generated. We also make sure that the use of keywords within the articles does not come at the expense of readability, as this could potentially have a negative effect on how the article performs.

The hand written SEO articles produced by Alpha Media can potentially be incredible part of a link building campaign. They not only provide a new source of traffic to the website, but they also help to create a natural link profile, something that is absolutely essential following Google's Penguin algorithm update. Contact us to learn more about SEO article submissions and how they can improve search engine optimisation performance.

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